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8 Days on How to Get Started: Do it Out of Love

If you can't create your art as a way to provide for yourself financially, then do it out of love. Create the work from a place of beauty, create it to feel like you're falling in love, and then share it.

Sharing love and sharing your creative passion is the smallest, but most impactful way, to put beauty into the world.

Doing it from a place of love means that you care, you care enough to pour your own heart into it. You care enough to do a good job, you care enough to be vulnerable, you care enough to expose something from within you. It can be lighthearted, or it can be deep with meaning, but you made it out of love.

Have you ever met someone who would light up when they spoke about their craft? Or get really passionate about a topic? I live to see people that excited because their excitement makes me want to be that way about jewelry. That love, or excitement, or passion is inspiring and contagious and why not spread something positive. The internet is already full of so much negative, and because it's relatively new, we really have no idea the aftermath of being bombarded with all this negativity. I imagine we're going to see some serious health issues develop from our being exposed to so much negativity.

And honestly, I don't want to be a part of the problem. I want to contribute through doing what I love, by sharing what I love, and by getting you excited.

That's all for today, thanks so much for reading.

Take care,


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