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A big win with nothing to show

Some days, I'm bursting with ideas and other days it's like I'm just fussing in my studio. Today, I fussed hard. Since I'm trying to be more open about the making process, there are many days like this in the studio and I've decided to not let them bother me anymore.

Here's the thing, I'm not like most makers. I use a lot of different techniques, I design on the spot, or a little bit every day, but I rarely repeat the work unless I've been commissioned. Even when a maker is doing one-of-a-kind work, they usually stick to a few techniques or to a color scheme or to a theme and that's what distinguishes them. I'm interested in so many different things which is why I wanted to do A Year of Earrings.

I wanted to focus on one thing even if that one thing is still covering a lot of different techniques and methods.

I had some new ideas today though. I thought about how already in just a few weeks, I want to be more inclusive. The type of inclusivity I'm talking is personal preference. Things like do you prefer silver or bronze? Hook or post? Do you have sensitive ears? Are you into statement or medium-sized? What about studs? I spoke about this right from the start, but it was because I as a designer/maker wanted to experiment with all these earring varieties but now I'm really interested in how something could work for you.

There's a shift that's happening where I want to bring you into my world, but I also want to offer you the highest quality. Today I was fussing because I just couldn't come up with an idea that would work for you. I want to offer these earrings but I want to make sure that each pair is done well, that it suits more of my followers, and that you get to find something special for yourself.

My art is for you at the end of the day, not for me. I've been wanting to get to this feeling but today was actually the day I felt it. I felt it in my bones. I just can't offer you subpar work. It's not fair to you.

Maybe today I didn't achieve all these incredible earrings, but I did finally arrive to this feeling and that's a victory in my book.

Wishing you a wonderful evening and thanks so much for reading.

Stay well,


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