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A little meditation to start off the day

Today was another good day.

I woke up and decided to add a 10-minute meditation routine to my morning, and one of the questions that came up was, "how do you want your day to end? What do you want to feel at the end of the day?"

It caught me by surprise because I plan months in advance for things but I rarely focus on the actual day-to-day. I sat and thought for a moment in the meditation and told myself I wanted to feel satisfied, no matter what challenge came my way.

And today was actually very challenging.

I finished a pair of earrings that combine both beadwork and metalwork, and throughout the day I had to take things apart, try another way, put it back together. It was mostly due to the weight of the earring, combining both 'genres' of metal and beads proved to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated, but I really enjoyed it.

I've finished the earrings and I feel like I learned so much in the process. I have a lot to think about especially since now I want to incorporate more beadwork into my pieces. With earrings, you just have to be careful and there will eventually be a set of rules and guidelines that I'll have to come up with as I begin experimenting more and more.

But I am satisfied. I have wanted to do this for years and I finally broke through some barriers. It looks like from now on, I'll have to implement guided meditations into my morning routine.

Wishing you a wonderful evening, and thanks so much for reading.

Stay well,


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