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A Year of Earrings, Week 1

Honestly, I can't wait for this new challenge. I've been trying to find something that gives me a new reason to shoot out of bed in the morning. When this idea came to me, it just felt like things were starting to make sense. I know I'm getting ahead of myself because this is literally the first week/few days, but this is going to be really fun. I can feel it!

So let's hit the basic what, why, and how of this challenge so that we're all on the same page right from the start.

What is A Year of Earrings?

This is an idea I came up with as a way to get my creative juices flowing while also learning how to get better at making earrings.

You know how when you walk into a shop and they specialize in a few items and they're just so niche and so good at what they do that you're not only impressed, but connect with it immediately? When you buy from that type of shop, you know you're walking away with a product that's well-made, with intention, that the design is spot-on, and that you're comfortable investing in the quality of their work.

THAT'S the whole point of this challenge.

I want to bring you top-notch in everything that can be earring-able.

I want to make statement earrings, stud earrings, dangle earrings, medium-sized earrings, bronze earrings, silver earrings, beaded earrings. I want to explore a variety of price points and materials and sizes and themes. I want to combine a variety of techniques into one earring design so that the end result is really interesting and fun. I also want to master weight, how lightweight can I make a pair of earrings? I want to understand all of the different connecting points between the parts that make up an earring. I want to make both post and hook earrings. Everything, there's a lot to learn and as I'm writing this, I'm like, "is a year even enough??" We'll see, baby steps, haha.

Why this challenge? Why A Year of Earrings?

After such a hectic time with this pandemic, I think we all are feeling like, "what now? What do we do now?"

This challenge isn't just for me. I want to commit to something after being forced to make so many pivots within my business and with my work after last year. I want to commit to something while also staying flexible and share this journey with you through my blog, through email, and through social media.

I think there are three types of makers that have made their mark during these times. There were the artists who showed us right at the beginning that there is still beauty to be found. They were keeping us inspired and hopeful throughout the pandemic.

Then there were the artists who were shedding light on the social issues and helping us see the world's problems from every direction. It was amazing to watch as so many of my fellow makers were using their art to contribute to the greater good.

But admittedly, in the midst of it all, I was lost. I was losing touch with my creative voice and I couldn't really find my purpose.

But then I realized what type of maker I was and I wanted to use this challenge to illustrate my place in all this. I am the type of person who reflects, who takes the leftover pieces and tries to put them back together in a new way. I am someone who often tells her friends to make that commitment, to take on that challenge, to do what feels right even if your fears are getting in the way.

This level of commitment does make me nervous, but when I sat down and wrote out the pros and cons, my only con was that I was afraid of committing. I was afraid of getting bored. Fear is what was holding me back, and well, that's not enough of a reason to not even try, right?

How will this work?

Throughout the month, I will bring you into my world both through this blog and through social media. I will write a blog post every Monday to share some of my insights into this journey.

On my Instagram, I will walk you through my process and show you what I'm making through IG Stories. The stories will be saved in a highlight labeled by month. Throughout the month, I will show you what I'm creating and you'll be able to ask me questions about a pair of earrings.

At the end of each month, I will drop the new earring collection. I will notify my email subscribers that new work has been posted to the website and send along a $15 discount code. On Instagram, I will announce when the collection drops, but the discount code will only be available to subscribers.

That is all. I will see you next Monday with hopefully some new insights.

Stay well,


Questions? Thoughts?

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