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Aguja y Clavo Jewelry is now Casa Catalina Jewelry

I’ve been wanting to change my business name for some time now. I let it sit with me for a few years and went through a series of possible name choices before it finally hit me.

Finally on one of my morning walks, I came up with Casa Catalina and I knew it was time to make the change.

What is Casa Catalina?

Casa Catalina is a reflection of the ideas and cultural experiences I bring back home with me from my travels abroad. Each piece is created with this purpose in mind.

In my heart, I’m a traveler. From very young, my parents took me on trips abroad and it’s at the very core of everything I do. I started to notice that some of my customers wanted to take my pieces with them on their travels and that made me realize that all along I was talking a lot about my own experiences and memories from these past travels.

When I chose jewelry as a career, I also found a new reason to travel. I distinctly remember sitting in a cafe in Spain and finding all these workshops in jewelry technique offered all over the world. It was like my path was laid out for me. I saw that I could travel the world, expand on my technique by learning from masters, and also have fun by gathering inspiration for the collections I offer you.

Travel has been at the core of my work all along but now I'm fully embracing it.

But of course, there’s a twist. The Casa part of my business name is a nod to my home studio in New Mexico. As much as I love traveling, my designs would only remain ideas if I didn’t have the expansive landscapes to open my mind, the rough textures and brilliant colors of the desert to inspire my paintings and the layers of history that are so unique to New Mexico from the indigenous Pueblo peoples to the Spanish influences to Route 66. I can gather all the inspiration I want from abroad, but it’s my home base that helps me make sense of it all.

Thank you for joining me in both realms. Here’s to becoming more ourselves 🥂

My new email is, my new website URL is, and my new Instagram handle is

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