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Artist Spotlight: Sophie of Sophie Kissin Jewelry

My friend, Sophie, is headed back to her home state of Minnesota soon. I got to see her one last time before she takes off on a new life chapter. I'm sad, she was someone I was so excited to meet and to have a friend in New Mexico who shared my love of jewelry-making. But with the pandemic and getting pregnant and raising an absolute rascal, the days have slipped away.

I love her work. I love her ideas, I love how her brain thinks, I love that she approaches jewelry as body adornment rather than the traditional earrings, rings, necklaces although she does do those as well. Sophie experiments. She inspires me because she looks at the whole body as a canvas and gets these fun ideas that would get me all excited when she'd share them with me.

She made a collection that was meant to imitate piercings for anyone who didn't actually have the piercings. Lots of nose and ear cuffs, but she also came up with this idea of a nose bridge (will share one of her photos). When I saw her wearing it at her going away open studio party the other day, it looked so good on her. She wears her own work and every piece looks stunning. She plays with asymmetry, she plays with mixed metals, she plays with minimalist and maximalist designs, she does customs, she does wedding bands (without fear, unlike me). I'm a fan.

One of her latest collections was a series of headbands that sit behind your head and some of them drape with freshwater pearls. Her work is ultra elegant and contemporary and I'm always eager to see what she makes next. A true inspiration and she will be sorely, sorely, sorely missed.

Here are photos from Sophie's website (links below) of her products. She takes all the photos herself.

Check out Sophie on her website, email list, Instagram, and/or Pinterest. Her work does not disappoint!

That's all for now, thanks so much for reading and supporting fellow makers.

Take care,


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