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Taking a Softer Approach

I’ve been totally sucked into babyland lately and it’s a welcome break from the hustle I normally put myself through to just be a mom.

Baby girl is going through separation anxiety and at first it was very tough because I didn’t understand it. She wakes suddenly in the middle of the night multiple times wanting to be in bed with me, which I’m not supposed to do because of the risk of SIDS. I’ve been very sleep deprived which throws off my mood, and then throughout the day she’s been wanting to be around me more than normal. If before I thought I didn't have any space or time to myself, now it's even more so.

Motherhood, in just these short months, has taught me so much about stepping back, educating myself about what is happening, and then coming back with a softer approach. I am constantly having to step away even for just a few moments to reach out to a friend or to find the answer on Google and then I understand what she’s feeling or going through.

Rarely do I look for solutions. Now that I know that she’s experiencing separation anxiety, I had to ask myself what I’d want. As a result, I’m replying with hugs and a softer voice and making sure I reply to her reaches for me with tenderness. Patience hasn’t always been my immediate response to situations where there is more demanded of me, but my daughter is teaching me how to be kinder in my approach.

I’m still glowing from her reaction to opening her first Christmas present. Her eyes got wide and her hands became curious as I slowly unwrapped her gift. One of my coworkers from Spain who I call my Spanish mom, told me that to experience Christmas with children is truly magical, and she was right. I felt like I was seeing magic for the first time. I only got her a few toys (she’s just a baby) but even with those two gifts by the time we arrived to my parents for more presents, she already knew the drill and was jumping with excitement.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. As always, thanks for reading.

Stay tuned and stay well,


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