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Did I Just Find a Solution?

I have been trying to figure out a way to come on here daily, or at least multiple times per week, to actively engage on my website and to turn this into a more fulfilling blog experience.

I've been trying trying to pull away from social media, use my website more often, figure out a sustainable way to create content, and also address the question I tend to ask myself, "what can I do for the people who don't have a social media account? How do I reach those people?"


I've toyed with the idea of reposting what I publish on social media on here, but then I felt like it was redundant because then what do I tell the followers on Instagram or Facebook? Now that I've had a week of not engaging on the socials and having a moment of clarity, I think I may have found a solution.

What if I reversed how we're told to put out content? We're told to post everyday on social media but I think it makes more sense to post directly on my website and then use my Instagram for announcements and any weekly roundups.

I'm thinking of selecting a photo of my work and then writing a caption, a simple format that is already used on social media except without all of the videos and rabbit holes and distractions. I miss the old format with social media that was so simple, ad free, and a space where an artist or user could just express themselves without feeling this need to compete to be seen all the time.

Expect to see me on here A LOT more now that I'm placing my energy mostly on the blog. I absolutely NEED to come up with my own name for this, but omg this feels like a breakthrough. I'm thrilled with this idea, I can't wait to see it take on a personality of its own.

Along with each post, will be a photo either of available work, or of my process. The brilliant thing about this is that I will post a link to the item on each post, so if you're interested in the piece, you'll be able to view it without the hassle of trying to find it. I'll include my email where you can ask me about payment plans or any details about the piece.

You can click here to view this sacred heart necklace, and click here to email me with any questions.

Thanks so much and as always, stay tuned and stay well,


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