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Digital Renderings for Designing

I’m beginning to make baby steps forward on some designs. I had done a few preliminary sketches in my notebook to jumpstart my creativity again. A good exercise, but for some reason this Collection is begging to be designed both on paper and on my iPad using Procreate.

I was recently asked to redo a pair of my parrot miniature oil painted earrings. I had drawn the outline of the parrot using my Apple Pencil and a drawing program called Procreate and I could quickly print my drawing, transfer it to a wood panel and paint it. I didn’t realize how beneficial the program was in my design process and so I feel called to do that again.

Last time I only created outlines, but this time I’m adding color to see which combos would work best. It’s immensely helpful to see a rendering of the painting and to get a sense of the scale and how well an idea can translate to miniature form.

Miniature painting is most challenging because you have to eliminate a lot of details so that people can see what you painted. Before I used to pack as much detail into a small space as possible, but then at the end of the day what could you actually see? This Collection, I’m trying to dial back and do something different. I’m simplifying with details but it’s turning out to look more bold, and I love it.

I’m sharing one of the renderings below. I’ll save my process on this for another post because it’s actually pretty elaborate. Am I creating more work for myself? Maybe, but it feels good to take these extra steps to ensure I get exactly what I want.

Thanks so much for reading and I'll catch you tomorrow.

Take care,


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