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Let's Try This Again

A few years ago I tried to write about my jewelry. It was hard to do it regularly and I got so caught up in what to write, that it became too much pressure.

I'd like to start one up again in an effort to inform the way I design, talk a little more in depth about the travel, history, art, and architecture that inspires me, and to document my thoughts on how I make jewelry.

I lived in Spain for 3 years in my mid-twenties -I'm 31 now- and had a travel blog that still exists in the ether, although I don't contribute to it anymore. It was just a fun way to write about my adventures and about living abroad. I come back to it from time-to-time and it's so nice to see those photos and to be reminded of those memories. My purpose back then was to communicate with my family, and now after reviewing that travel blog, I've become inspired to figure out ways to talk about my jewelry.

Social media these days has been bombarded by many of life's current events, all very important and needing to be addressed, but I feel like I'm drowning in the noise. I need an escape, a way to be able to fully express what's actually going on when I make my work, and I've got to be honest, social media just isn't cutting it anymore. It feels like my being isn't cut out for the social media life. I like to refine and to ruminate and to think of everything thoroughly, and it's been a challenge to try to fit in to a world where maybe I don't belong.

And that's ok. I'm excited for this. I can't wait to share my thoughts and allow myself to be more mindful with what I write. The only ground rule I'm making for this is that it will become my escape so please pardon me if I don't express my thoughts on what's currently happening. Current events tend to stir up many feelings and usually I need to dive into my history and art worlds in order to understand what I'm truly feeling. Ultimately current events don't inform my jewelry design. My goal has always been to make timeless work, pieces of high-quality, and to strive for better. I'm always on a mission to learn as much as possible and to stay curious.

I'm also not a professional writer, nor am I experienced as being content creator (besides what I do for my jewelry), so this blog will be much like the blogs from the recent past. I'm simply here to write my thoughts and what I find inspiring. You'll find quips about my travels, trivial facts that I read during my research, and even some of my more conceptual thoughts, but everything will be tied to my jewelry world.

So who's ready to have fun? I know I am, can't wait to dive in!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week and thank you for reading,


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