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Focusing on one thing

I have always been of the mindset that if you focus on one thing, that thing can really grow and become the best version of itself.

When I started AyC, I decided to give it a try for one year and see where it would take me. I asked for the support, I didn't go into this with the delusion that I could support myself entirely but I knew that if I were to give something a shot, I had to do it fully.

As the years have passed, my focus has become scattered again. Besides the typical 'life' getting in the way, I was also testing out every venue I could to see what works best for me and my work. I tried out markets both high-end and artisan, I put my work into several kinds of galleries, I did advertising with Vanity Fair, I did private trunk shows, and for a while I had my attention all over the place.

Last year, I made the decision to focus solely on selling the work myself through my website. It has been one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken on. I thought that learning how to make jewelry was going to be difficult, but creating an online-only business is really hard. The road maps that these internet marketing 'gurus' put out don't work most of the time, and recently I realized I have to create the map for myself. I have to put in the work.

Which is (yet another) reason why I chose to do this Year of Earrings challenge. I needed something to be a constant, something to be stable, something to focus on entirely while I try to figure out the internet business side of things.

Coming up with your own map is the biggest challenge of them all. I read something by Seth Godin recently (you'll see me quote him a lot) about how there can be this territory that we all enter in to but the mapping is the road that we come up with ourselves. He said something brilliant about how the map, or the path, is how we decide what to leave out of the picture. To me, this means that I'm having to learn what to say no to in order to get closer to my yes.

So right now I'm saying no to markets, no to galleries, no to advertising, no to any other jewelry type other than earrings, and pinpointing my focus. Besides, it's just a year of trying something out, what's the harm in that?

Wishing all the mamás a lovely Mother's Day, and thank you for reading.

Stay well,


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