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Handmade is Worth the Wait: How Pre-Orders Work

You may notice that some of the items listed on the website are available for ‘pre-order.’

What does this mean?

Every piece that you see through Casa Catalina Jewelry is made by hand. There are a variety of steps required to fabricate each piece, and as orders come in, depending on the volume, these pieces take time to create. To ensure that I’m recreating a piece to the nearest likeness to what you’re seeing in the photos, the shipping date is set 6 weeks ahead.

Casa Catalina Jewelry is made from a variety of components and steps. I’ve carved various motifs by hand using wax which are then cast from recycled sterling silver. Using traditional fabrication techniques, these pieces are then assembled by hand by me. Most of these steps are outsourced, but I’ve always felt passionate about making the work myself and keeping the assembly ‘in-house.’ I’ve designed each piece and I know what I want in terms of quality when the piece is completed.

If you have any questions regarding the process, or ship date, or need something rushed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My email is and I’d love to help you find the right statement pieces to add to your everyday jewels.

Thank you for your trust and patience. I promise that handmade is well worth the wait.



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