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Hoop earrings and a new way to shop

Today I worked on hoops and I'm so excited to be able to offer these in the upcoming earring drop.

I have always wanted to make hoops, just something really simple and everyday and today was the day. I made three sizes and all sizes will be available in both bronze and silver. I love a good hoop because they're such an easy grab-and-go piece and they can dress up any outfit. I only made one of each size and metal type because I want to see if they are in demand before I start making more. They all turned out very lightweight and comfortable, a major plus.

I'm also thinking of curating my website a bit more. I had an idea of selecting the work that would go best with that month's earrings that way it could make your shopping experience easy and you'll know what to pair the earrings with if you choose to select another item from my shop. One month, you'll be able to shop the new earrings plus curated items from previous years, and another month you'll have a totally new curation.

I want to spice things up a bit, give my website a shopping experience makeover and highlight the works that I think would look best together. I know nobody else is doing this on the web (at least not from what I've seen), but I think that's a part of the fun. I know I'm not the only one who sells exclusively online, so why not make it fun and bring you the best selection du jour.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, have a wonderful evening.

Stay well,


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