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June Newsletter

It’s the middle of the year and by the middle of the month, I’m going to finally release new work for the year! The Aeneid Collection, are you ready? Haha, this has been a slow-made collection but I'm very pleased to share these pieces with you. If you aren’t on the email list but want first dibs, I encourage you to sign up. I send out emails usually once or twice a month to keep you up-to-date, offer small discounts and let you claim what you want before putting my work into the world.

Summer Sale

For the first time in a while, I am going to have a sale on everything in the shop from June 15th to the 17th. Pieces will be discounted at various percentages but they will be the lowest prices that I can offer my work. Subscribers will get the best deals with an additional 5% discount code in their emails on the opening morning of the sale. Everything will be marked down up to 25% off to subscribers, and up to 20% off to the public.

New Business Name

Next week (June 8th) I’ll be announcing a new business name change. This has been a long time coming and I’m super excited to have finally found a name that aligns more with the identity of my business. Stay tuned for that and make sure to come back here next Thursday to see the reveal. I will also share a little bit about it on my Instagram so make sure to follow me there to see how the new identity unfolds.

Jewelry Loupe Project

If you haven’t already read the news, I was accepted to the Jewelry Loupe Project which is a business incubator program that helps female emerging jewelry designers with their business. This is an opportunity I did not want to miss and I’m absolutely delighted that I was accepted. So far, I’ve received lectures and gained insights on concept and design of a jewelry line, sourcing materials, and marketing and branding. This month will include more one-on-one meetings with my mentor and getting into the painting side of my designs.

Stay tuned for next week! I'm super excited for the business name reveal and for the new chapter of my little jewelry brand. Thanks so much for sticking around.

Here's a shot of me carving a wax model by hand. More to come. Thanks for reading.

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