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June's Earring Drop: The Transforming Earrings

I finally figured out how to make a pair that can transform into two pairs. I've always wanted to push beyond making jewelry that has only one function, but it takes a lot of practice to fully understand how a piece is created before diving into this realm.

One of my first projects in jewelry school was a pair of earrings that could extend and become a dangle earring. The problem was that they were too heavy to wear and on top of it, the connecting part on the reverse would've been uncomfortable for the wearer.

I abandoned the idea of making multi-function jewelry since then because I was perplexed by not finding a solution. You really do have to study jewelry connections to understand what will work and how to hide a connection properly so that it doesn't get in the way of the design.

I've also been trying to find the simplest solution so that the wearer isn't burdened by something overly complicated or difficult to do. Let's be honest, you don't want an instruction manual with your earrings. The solution has to be obvious.

Just last week, I was inspired to try making a pair of earrings that could transform. The design just came together and it's incredibly easy for anyone to wear.

On one side, I twisted wire and formed and soldered them to a metal surface to create a pattern. This is the closest I've come to filigree, but it's still technically not filigree so I call it 'wire work.' In the center is an Australian opal and it really makes that side stand out. On the reverse, I did my hand-painted enamel work. Here's a few images of what I've created:

These are so fun to wear, and I am eager to make more for July. The fact that they are versatile and transform into a completely different pair, is SO my jam haha. I really love this type of jewelry and I can't wait to explore more variations.

That's all for today. Thanks so much for reading and take care,


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