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Let's Catch Up

I haven't been able to blog much these days. I've been reading a book that has me totally hooked and anytime I have free time, I'm cozying up and reading it. I'll share more on it later, I think it's worth the read and worth sharing it with you.

Baby girl hit 9 months some weeks back and her growth has accelerated at speeds I wasn't really expecting. Lots of pleasant surprises mostly, lots of things I was hoping would go easily and they have. I think this is the beginning of when parents say 'they grow up so fast.' I'm with her all the time so things feel slower for me, but I can see she's absorbing things at a much faster rate. It's little things and big things. Little things like pushing a small button with her index finger, big things like eating solids and really loving food. I'm trying to give her control while she navigates her new world, but I also need to be very present. I'm being extremely present for her safety, but also present so that I have the memory of her baby years imprinted in my brain.

This time away from blogging has also given me the space to realize some life goals. I've journaled about these goals and it's been surprising for me to see that I have other ambitions outside of jewelry. I think I've been tricking myself into thinking this was it, that I had already figured out my life but it turns out I was looking at the future through a small peep hole. I'm happiest when I can be creative and travel, but how would that shape my life with my family? I have to constantly evaluate that and it had been on the back burner for some time. I think I feel relieved to finally envision something for the future.

I'm also going to slow down a little with blogging. Not giving up at all, I just want to write more researched articles. I had to get through all those posts where I was talking about my feelings and how badly I needed a break from social media. For me, it worked. I could not feel more disassociated with Instagram these days and I haven't felt this way ever. And then with blogging, I'm proud of the writing I've put out but I really want to this to be a learning experience for me and for you. My lane and my passion with jewelry are rooted in education and discovery and I'm interested in how writing could potentially shape my work and designs.

That's all for now. Thanks for sticking around and reading.

Take care,


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