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Mood Board for The Aeneid Collection

The next collection I'll be working on will be a retelling of The Aeneid by the Ancient Roman poet, Virgil. I'm slowly gathering visual inspiration for this collection and below is just a taste of what I'm aiming for. It looks like I'm very into geometric patterns, veils, horses, a more earthy palette with deep reds, and gold accents. I still feel like there is imagery missing, so this is just the start.

I don't usually make mood/inspiration boards but my husband asked me if there was an artist I was inspired by for this collection and to be honest, not this time. I'm looking to explore my own style for this collection, but I definitely need help sorting out a visual theme.

These images are from Pinterest, but there are three that I feel need credit, which I'll add below.

Anyway, this is really exciting. I love seeing these images all together and I can see that I actually do have a lot more figured out than I thought I had.

Stay tuned and stay well,


Image 5: painting by Jaime Corum

Image 6: Osman Yousefzada Resort 2018

Image 11: illustration by Anna Bron

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