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November Newsletter

Hello November! October was a very busy month and I felt like I could barely get the new collection finished so I decided to not pressure myself and push it to this month instead. I don’t normally like to release new work so close to the holidays but this will also give everyone a chance to think about gifts. I do want to use this newsletter to reiterate how to purchase from me and how to stay in the loop. I’ll start here with any ‘new’ news and then go over some of the basic info at the end.

The Raffle for PR was a Success

I was over the moon to have received so many donations for my raffle and I cannot thank you enough. With your help, we raised $2k even Steven and that was way more than I was hoping for. It felt really amazing to be able to give to Puerto Rico in some small way and I think the best thing was that I connected with so many new people in the process. I discovered new Puerto Rican jewelers, have been chatting with a few new followers who were grateful to the contribution, so it was an all-around wonderful experience. I was pleasantly surprised and heart warmed. Thank you, you’re great.

La Dolce Vita Collection

I finally have a date so set those alarms for November 11. That’s 11.11.22.

This collection is made up of 24 new pairs of earrings. Each one is unique and they vary in size from small stud earrings to large-and-in-charge statement. I went to my supplier's several times in Santa Fe, NM and combed through their gems for hours to find the perfect stones. I was looking specifically for quality, clarity and color.

The feel of this collection is glamorous while being completely inspired by the colors of Rome, and there’s something for everyone. I didn’t go over-the-top artsy with this collection but I wanted to make earrings that felt chic, elegant, colorful, and versatile. I’m really excited to share this work with you and I hope you can find something for yourself, or a loved one.

Photos and the Finishing Touches

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love taking photos of the work because it feels like all of my ideas finally come together. I can never really tell what the piece truly looks like (even if I have it in my hands) until I see it on the other side of the lens, surrounded by all of my photo props and fresh flowers. The photo process opens a world of potential and I get to see my jewelry in a new light, not just in the studio. Once I transfer the images on to my laptop and see each piece together, the excitement really starts to set off a spark in me. Once the photos are cropped and ready, then I can start listing everything, creating social media posts, tailoring the email to my subscribers and figuring out the wording for the inspiration behind each piece. It’s exciting, it’s fun, I love it and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

What’s Next?

I’m going to dive right in and start thinking about the next collection. I have So. Many. Ideas. For. It. It’ll be a collection centered around The Aeneid, I want it to be mostly miniature oil painting, but I’m also going to include bronze earrings. You’ll be able to order almost any design in your earring preference of hook or post. I want this to collection to feel like you’re wearing little pieces of artwork. My goal is to develop my own painting style and I’m hoping to find my ‘voice’ through painting.

How To Purchase

Everyday I show a new pair of earrings from La Dolce Vita Collection on my Instagram, along with prices. You can check that daily to see what might catch your eye. Twenty-four hours before I release the Collection to the public, I send an email to my subscribers to offer them first dibs. Included in that email is a 10% discount code for any purchase over $125. If you prefer to make payments, I have a very easy system through PayPal where you decide your timing and how much to pay. Once the payments are complete, I send the package your way. There are no extra fees with this system. All you have to do is send me an email or DM and tell me which item(s) you want and I create an invoice. Prices include insured domestic shipping but there are other options available upon checkout. I usually send out your package within 3 business days and my website sends a confirmation email with your tracking number. All packages are sent through USPS.

You can click here for my Instagram, here to subscribe, and here for my email.

I'm hoping this month feels a bit slower than the last and I'm so looking forward to the holidays. I love spending the day with my family even if we are just watching our own stuff on YouTube, there's something special about being quiet together. The fireplace has been cranking these days and I missed the warmth and sitting in front of it. Ok, that's all.

Mmmmmmm, byeeeeeeee

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