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Online Presence, part ii

I decided to break up my thoughts about social media and my online presence into two posts so this is the second part to this idea.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about motherhood and my social media presence. I want to severely limit my usage on social media so that I can spend quality time with my daughter.

As a parent, I feel like it is my responsibility to show her that social media is best used as a tool as opposed to a pastime where we're searching for ways to fill up time or to allow ourselves to be distracted.

As a creator, I am deeply committed to focusing on making my best work and that means eliminating every little bit of distraction. I like to be clear-minded, stress-free, and to engage with the work entirely and let's be honest, social media is the elephant in the room.

As a business owner, I do not like that my work can be used as a distraction from your everyday life. We have been convinced that the more we stay 'connected,' the more we'll know on a subject, but I believe that is a mentality that is being fed to us. Our attention has become the new economic currency and I have struggled with the idea that I am using your attention to remain relevant and constantly in the viewer's feed.

Whereas a blog, I feel is a good thing. While this is written in a stream-of-conscious style, I get ideas for topics to write about and then I sit down and write them. Even if I do put a lot of thought into my social media stories and posts, the platform is designed to where we are inhaling so much information that it's impossible to really digest what we're looking at. The blog format is the place where you can slow down and engage more with my writing and you can read my thoughts without too many distractions.

With all this being said, I am thinking of how I'd like to approach social media differently. For the next collection, I like this idea of making an appearance a few months before I release new work and I'll talk about process, inspiration, and showcase photos via Instagram. I'd like to use it as a place where I can come up with a solid presentation of the new work instead of it being a place where I'm feeling pressured to post constantly just in order to be seen.

This will help me remain engaged with my family and daughter, come up with a beautiful presentation for future work, and still focus on creating one-of-a-kind pieces. How does that sound?

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