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Photo Friday

Hi and welcome to another installment of Photo Friday where I show you one of my photos and breakdown either the process, or what I like most about the image.

The photo I want to talk about this week is the one I took for my recent Serpenti Earrings.

These earrings were so difficult to capture and I think I took about 300 images of just this pair haha.

Because they are so intricately detailed, I had to strip away a lot of the background noise. With every other pair for this collection, the flowers complimented the earrings perfectly. With these, nothing was working.

The silver has a high polish which reflected whatever was around it, the gems weren't popping because I had sawn out the reverse to reduce weight, and there are so many colors in this design, that I struggled with this one.

Finally I came up with a concept. I wanted these earrings to look like they were emerging from the flames. I felt like these serpents appeared like phoenixes rising from the ashes so I selected the deep red flowers to emulate that concept.

Behind each gemstone, I cut and paste a small piece of aluminum foil so that you could see the gems against the black background. The background was meant to add drama. I took these images on a cloudy day instead of on a sunny day to keep the high polished silver from taking over the photo.

This photo was as much of a challenge as making these earrings, but I loved how they turned out and this image really brings out their best side.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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