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Self-Expression through Jewelry

We all could use a little color in our lives these days, right?

Have you ever wished that you could go back and do something over? Make improvements on something, or change how you created something because it just wasn't sitting right with you anymore? Was there something "off" about it that you couldn't put your finger on it?

Lately, I've been all about going through my work and doing exactly that. I've been looking at each piece with a more critical eye and selecting pieces here and there that aren't inspiring me the way they used to. And what's even more fun about this challenge is that I'm selecting the work, letting it sit in my environment for a few days, and then just allowing myself to create whatever comes to mind.

I think that's the beauty of self-expression. You sit in your feelings, you allow yourself to be silly, you commit to your inner wants, and allow it to come out in any way you please. My deepest desire has been to play with color in the loudest way possible and thank goodness Mother Nature comes in this fabulous array of color!

Last week, I tackled a few earrings that were too plain for my taste these days. This morning as I was walking, I was thinking to myself what name I would give this capsule collection and the phrase "Death by Statement" came to mind. It made me chuckle because these earrings went from minimalist to LOUD in just a matter of hours and I can't believe that my inner voice was telling me to be so colorful.

But my goodness, this year I have been craving color. There's an odd combination of there being just enough sadness in the world, the dark cloud that comes with change, that naturally I'm so hungry for color, that I'm practically starving for it. I'm peaked, famished, peckish!

I also stumbled upon a quote from one of my favorite style icons, Iris Apfel, who said "color can wake the dead," and making these earrings awakened something within me that is making me excited to take this challenge further!

Ok, here are some before (left) and afters (right), enjoy!

Wishing you a happy and productive week!

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