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Styling the Aeneid Collection

When designing the Aeneid Collection, I thought a lot about visiting museums. Many of the paintings and artworks I chose, were from museums around the world and then I started thinking about how cool it would be if some of my collectors actually wore these on their travels.

Since I'm starting to design more jewelry with the traveler in mind, I thought about putting together a capsule wardrobe look for the Aeneid Collection. I thought about clothing that could be worn in museums (where there's usually a lot of air conditioning), comfort, seasons, ages, all skin colors. I love when fashion can cross all genres and generations and that's really how I design my jewelry. Here's a snap of how I would style the new pieces for the collection.

I tend to call my personal style 'pajama chic.' I like clothing that looks put together but is so comfortable you'd wear it to sleep. I'm also a big fan of natural hair, but I also love a sleek look. When an outfit can look good with both, then the better.

But if I'm going to wear something more formal, then I also want it to be extra comfortable and wearable through the seasons. I love these alternative styles to the pant suit where you're selecting parts of the traditional three-piece suit and styling them with other clothing. I really love freedom with my clothing because it allows me to be creative with my adornment. Lately I'm really feeling clothing that doesn't have a lot of pattern so that I can wear extra loud, statement jewelry.

I've become more normcore with my makeup over the years, but I do like to add pops of color. The Aeneid Collection has an underlying color of purple and I've always loved how orange offsets it.. Orange makeup started appearing on my Pinterest feed more and more and I could see how it works with a variety of skin tones and ages, whether you're going for a more subtle look or something more edgy.

Back in the day, I used to love getting my nails done so this is purely imaginative for me nowadays. Since the Aeneid Collection is already a bit loud and image-heavy, I figured that the nails needed to compliment but in a very different way. They need to be statement but not as statement as the earrings. This entire collection is hand-fabricated using sterling silver so I thought this would add a nice touch to carry out the whole look.

Let me know which you see yourself wearing. I love getting dressed up and imagining how a collection could work with clothing was super fun. I hope you enjoyed this! Let know if you'd like to see this for other collections.

Mil abrazos (many hugs),


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