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The Eternal City Collection, A Rough Draft of Thoughts

I’m in the midst of so much right now that it’s hard for me to even think straight. I’m writing this as the mother of a weeks-old newborn, and taking on this new chapter has been both a shock to the system while also giving me immense pleasure. I’ve been running on a totally new sleep schedule that it’s difficult for me to distinguish one day from the next. The days are steadily becoming nights.

And yet, ideas for the next collection are brewing.

Earlier, I had spoken about doing a collection based on travel. I have this idea to explore various cities from around the world and of turning their ‘essence’ into wearable art jewelry. I want to travel through my jewelry and explore new areas of the world through creativity.

The first city will be my favorite city: Rome.

I don’t want to focus on the Roman Empire exclusively, but talk about the many layers of history, arts, and culture that surround Rome. Rome is an explosion of everything: architecture, art, religion, politics, music, history, and it defines what it truly means to be a part of mankind. Everything about Rome is manmade, or invented/created by man, and yet it doesn’t feel forced; the progression of man’s creativity as documented in the fabric of Rome feels natural and beautiful and inspiring.

I’ve been playing with a few ideas in my head about how I want this collection to develop. The two major themes in Rome are the Vatican City and the Roman Empire. As you’re walking throughout the city, you’ll also see influences from both Egypt and Greece. Then there are the various repeating shapes you see everywhere, like the constant play/exploration of geometry juxtaposed against the gardens that overflow from terraces and into the streets. Of course, there’s the chaos of the traffic, the crowds, the shops. Finally, you can get a taste of high-end luxury from the major Italian fashion houses that line the Via Condotti, be in awe of the wealth that poured into Roman Catholic church by visiting the Vatican Museums, or wander through the streets to experience both the gritty and the opulent.

I’ve decided to start with Rome because Rome has been one of those places that has always pulled at my heartstrings. I’ve been there multiple times but I’m always eager to learn more about the place. Every time I’ve returned, I’ve learned something new. It really is a city that grows and changes and morphs with the times, and somehow remains true to its character.

This collection will be deeply personal for me. I’m sharing with you what I’ve experienced through travel and why I feel like traveling is the most precious activity for us to do. It is a gift that has shaped me as a person and ultimately shapes my jewelry and my creativity. I’ll be exploring my own memories of Rome, coming up with ideas on how to ‘record’ them, and then turning them into earrings.

But of course, this collection will take time to develop. Both with my new life schedule and the fact that I’m diving into a completely new realm in terms of designing, I want to be mindful of how I represent a city that is so special to me.

Thanks for reading, I’m beyond excited to explore this collection.

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