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The Moments in Between + Writing Prompt for Artists and Makers No. 7

I’ve been writing a lot of prompts lately. I start them in the morning with my daughter in my arms. Her sleeping pattern has taken a turn and now she finds comfort in taking a long nap after a feed, but of course she’ll only stay asleep if I hold her.

I decided to try writing prompts as a way to pass the time with her because otherwise I’d be scrolling and going down a bad news cycle. Instead I’m catching up on all those email newsletters I’ve signed up for, reading blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers, and then I start writing.

I write everything in the Notes app on my phone. I don’t have enough mobility to do much else but type with my thumbs. If I move, she pops awake. It’s become meditative for me to do these readings and then start my day with writing. I don’t think I ever imagined that I’d be writing my most meaningful stories and prompts on my phone like this but it’s the only way I have time these days.

What’s nice about this routine is that I start the day reading the words of creatives I admire, and then I begin on my own reflection. That reflection stays with me for the rest of the day and it focuses my brain on more enjoyable things rather than the negativity that can be in the media. After she falls asleep at night, I take what I’ve written from the morning and add to it until it’s finished and somewhat polished.

My creative journey has had a lot of these ‘in-between’ moments. Designing at a doctors office, doing beadwork on a plane, doing research in a car ride, coming up with a photo shoot idea in the grocery line. I carry a notebook and pencil with me everywhere because quite often it’s how I get those little tasks done, and those little tasks add up quickly if I don’t carve out the time to tackle them wherever and whenever I can. But I do love those in-between moments because instead of sitting in boredom, I get to sit with my creativity no matter where I go; it’s always with me.

Writing Prompt

Is there a way that you pass the time or plan in between collections, releases, or specific works of art? What, or how, do you define those in-between moments?

As always, you can use the same title I've used for your blog post, email newsletter, or caption for social media. This content is designed to encourage 'community over competition' and I'd love to read your response to these prompts. You can send me a link or forward me your email newsletter to my email, I will share my favorites on IG stories and/or right here on my website.

Thanks so much. The next prompt will be posted on April 6th.

Stay tuned and stay well,


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