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The Next Steps: what to expect in the coming year.

Dear Reader,

I'm already planning for next year and since I'm so excited for these next ideas, I thought I would just bring you into my brainstorming process.

Entering a new chapter with this business name for me means that I also need to get smarter about how I put my work out into the world. I laid the foundation for where I want to take my jewelry as shown by the latest collection drops and now I have to build the structure.

This shift has been daunting (oof, growing pains!), but I am ready to move forward in this new direction and as I'm writing this, my fingers want to get up and just start making. Let's get into it.

Limited Editions & Monthly Design Drops

As I put out my latest work, I realized that the oil-painted pieces are the designs that should constantly rotate and stay fresh. The all-silver jewelry can continue growing and being offered, but the oil paintings are the place where I can experiment and have more fun. With that being said, most oil painted earrings are going to become limited edition pieces.

What does this mean? It means I will paint enough for 3-5 pairs of earrings (or necklaces) at a time and that will be it. What if the design is requested for commission? If the design is requested for commission by enough people, I will do a slightly different variation of it, Design 2.0.

With this being said, doing giant jewelry drops is not sustainable. But I can manage putting out one design each month.

What will this look like? In the plainest explanation ever, I will come up with a design, sit down and oil paint my five 'copies' in a few sittings, wait for it to dry meanwhile prepping the metal portion of each design, send it out for photographing, and have it ready for you as my new monthly design offer.

Every month, a new limited edition design offering. Does that make sense? I hope so.

So what will I paint and create? Well, that's what I'm working on now. There will be all-metal offerings and oil-painted offerings so there will be a constant rotation of various price points, various jewelry types (cuffs, rings, earrings), sizes of designs and hopefully by the end of the year, it will enhance what I've already put out as Casa Catalina Jewelry.

That is all. Would love to read what you think about this. You can become a member of my website and comment below, or remain anonymous. What are your thoughts?

Many hugs,


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