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Writing Prompts for Artists and Makers

I’m at the point with my internet journey where I need a change. For years, I’ve showed my process through IG Stories but that pace has become unsustainable. I yearn to take a slower approach and I was telling my husband the other night how if you choose an internet path, you kind of have to stick with it in order to build trust and ultimately it will shape your lifestyle. I told him I was ready for a different routine. I want to read more and write more and think about what I’ve read and share my thoughts.

I’ve decided to do a mini series of Writing Prompts for Artists and Makers. This is a nine-part series where you’re simply talking about yourself and your work and presenting it to the world.


My goal is to create simple and fun topics that any artist or maker could write about. Many of the posts center around introductory themes: how you got started, where you want your work to go, what you believe in, etc. The point is to not sound salesy but to encourage storytelling. Our art tells a story and I believe in the importance of artists sharing their stories and giving a voice to what they make.


Something came over me when Elon Musk took over Twitter. I’ve never used the platform but what I saw from the sidelines was a single man completely changing the course of Twitter overnight. It got me thinking that I really needed to start building something more meaningful on my own website, a platform where I have full control.

But maybe you just want to have an artist’s blog but don’t know where or how to start. Finding topics to talk about is really hard as an artist and sometimes you just need something to help you discover your creative voice.


Every two weeks, I’ll write a blog post with a writing prompt. I won’t reveal the prompt so that the writing process comes naturally to you. I will have a new prompt for you every Thursday, every other week, through April. Since this is designed to either be a blog or email newsletter, the timing is spaced with that in mind.

The first prompt will begin December 29th, 2022.


You can use these prompts anywhere, but the timing is designed for something that is for a website’s blog or for your email newsletter. You can of course use these prompts for captions on your social media, or for your private journaling.


You'll be able to view these prompts right here on my website and I'll be putting out a notification on my Instagram and Facebook. Either bookmark my website, or follow me on social media to be notified of a new prompt. You can write about ANY of the topics that interest you, but like I said, I'll only be posting them every two weeks.

You can use the same titles and/or format that I'll be creating for these prompts. I want to create a community and work together to create a fun and inspiring corner of the internet.

Have any questions?

Send me a DM on instagram or contact me via email at

The foundation for these prompts is rooted in ‘community over competition’ so I will be sharing some of my favorites right here on my website. You can DM your latest post, or forward me your email newsletter. I want to read what you’ve written and share as much as I can.

Thanks so much and I hope to read all of your fun posts!

Stay tuned and stay well,


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