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In my heart, I see myself as a traveler. 


From very young, my parents took me every year on trips abroad and it defines everything I do. I create pieces inspired by travel, carefully crafted with the traveler in mind.


Jewelry has inspired me to visit mainland Greece to explore the temples and museums, take a wax-carving intensive course from an Italian master in the heart of Florence, and wander the Moorish gardens and palaces of Andalucía in Southern Spain.


But a traveler must always return home. For me that's New Mexico. The expansive landscapes allow my mind to wander and design. The textures and colors of the desert, along with its rich history of Pueblo peoples and Spanish influence informs each piece in many ways. 

Caitlin Velázquez-Fagley_Sandias4 copy.jpeg

Welcome to Casa Catalina Jewelry.

Mi Casa es Su Casa.

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