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  • Care + Maintenance
    Care for your piece is easy, but essential. For best storage, oil paintings should be placed away from sunlight. This is to protect the resin and pigments in oil paints from yellowing over time. The dark satin pouch that is included with your purchase is ideal for storing. Do not do any strenuous activities with your Casa Catalina Jewelry. It needs to be handled with care. Items that are all metal (sterling silver) can be cleaned gently with an old toothbrush, mild dish soap and warm water. DO NOT use this with oil-painted jewelry. It should be done carefully with gemstones. With pieces that have oil paintings and metal, a soft polishing cloth can be used on metal portion. It is not advised to touch surfaces of gilded (gold) and painted areas. The best way to keep your piece polished is by wearing it. Use a polishing cloth that is yellow or white. The red polishing cloths can stain a gemstone, partiuclarly turquoise. Gemstones can crack if dropped or too much pressure is applied. When removing your jewelry, make sure that the gemstone is facing up and not on a hard surface.
  • Return and Exchange Policy
    Exchanges can be made for store credit only. It must be returned in the original packaging and in unused condition. Please contact Caitlin via email ( within 48 hours of receiving your package for there to be a valid exchange. ​ A tracking number is required upon the exchange of the item(s). ​ Shipping and any possible damage costs are to be covered by the buyer.
  • Damages and Repairs
    Please contact Caitlin at with photos and a description of the damage. ​ Shipping fees, material replacement, and repair costs are to be covered by the buyer. You will receive an invoice via email after an agreement has been made.
  • Privacy
    This website accepts payments safely and securely. Credit card information is not shared in any way. ​ Casa Catalina Jewelry will not use your email or contact information for anything outside of your purchase.
  • Contact
    You can reach Caitlin via email at Email is the best way to communicate, and you will receive a reply within 2-3 business days.
  • Layaway
    Layaway is offered exclusively to email subscribers. Contact Caitlin via email with a description of the item(s) you want, and she will create a PayPal invoice and send it your way. - There's no due date so you can take your time making payments. - Unlike other payment plans where you have to pay a certain amount per increment, you choose how much you can pay. - Once the final payment is received, the item is sent your way within 5 business days.
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