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Welcome to Casa Catalina Jewelry

Hello and welcome to Casa Catalina Jewelry.

For some years, Casa Catalina went under a different moniker and was mostly rooted in all things experimental and with a new name, a new chapter was turned.

Casa Catalina Jewelry carefully curates design motifs collected from travels abroad and combines them with the traditional arts aesthetic of New Mexico. The impetus is to create jewelry with a multi-cultural, yet distinguishably Southwestern feel and to celebrate our cultural connections through adornment. 

I keep detailed notebooks with sketches of motifs and patterns from when I visit museums and monuments on my travels abroad. I return home to New Mexico and apply those motifs to my work. 

I grew up with travel in my life and over time, I began noticing that many cultures use the same design motifs, or iterations of them, throughout history and from all over the world. What’s fascinating is that many of these motifs can also be found in the traditional arts of New Mexico. It’s incredible to witness our human interconnectedness through the arts and to interpret that into timeless statement jewelry that can be worn everyday.

Each piece for Casa Catalina Jewelry is meticulously painted with oil paint on wood panel, carved from wax by hand, and assembled using traditional metalsmithing techniques. The goal is to design jewelry that feels culturally diverse, yet distinguishably New Mexican.

Thank you for visiting my website and expressing interest in my work.



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