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A Note to the Conscious Consumer: Sustainable Practices

With an eye towards sustainability, Casa Catalina Jewelry aims to fulfill a number of environmentally conscious practices to create statement jewelry of the highest standards. These standards are my own, inspired by my years in architecture school where LEED and green building standards were at the forefront of what we learned and discussed. I've also researched, spoken with a number of industry leaders, and asked customers what's important to them to make sure I'm making informed decisions when I create each jewelry piece.


A large majority of the materials are sourced locally. I work with a handful of suppliers in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico to get my sterling silver, gemstones, and tools. I learned in school, the importance of sourcing materials locally as a way of minimizing gas output. When I can't find a specific product of a high quality, then I look for a source within the US and support small businesses as much as possible.

All of my sterling silver is 100% recycled. I also create jewelry that is vegan-friendly meaning that I don't use tools with leather, nor do I use pearls. As I learn more about environmental impacts, I have found that it is best to not use animal products of any kind.

Mining for gemstones does present conflicting issues, so I've reduced the number of designs I create and aim to make jewelry that is only made with recycled sterling silver. I do search for gemstones that are considered 'old stock,' which are gems mined decades ago and have either not been released to the market until now, or have recently been cut. I use gems that are not treated, and are completely natural.


This is an area that is constantly improving. I focus on using paper-only products for recycling purposes and I do not print the brand's name on the box so that you have the option of reusing it. I primarily use a supplier called Ecoenclose to get my packaging and several other online suppliers to print my business cards and postcards. A future goal is to offer a completely 'green' package that would support small businesses and be environmental friendly.


There are ways in which design can be inclusive and I want women from all over the world to discover ways of relating to Casa Catalina Jewelry. One way I do this is by using motifs that are universal. I keep detailed notebooks from my travels to museums and monuments and return home to compare what I've seen in other cultures and carefully select the motifs that I use in each piece.

I also look at how each jewelry piece can fit women of all sizes. I offer adjustable rings that can fit fingers sized 4.5 to 9.5. The statement earrings are available as hook or post earrings depending on what is most comfortable to you. Necklaces and bracelets come with an extender chain so that women with large or small wrists can be able to wear these pieces for many years to come.

There is always room for improvement and this post will be updated as each sustainable practice evolves. These ethics are essential to the design of each piece of Casa Catalina Jewelry.

Thank you for your trust, and if there is a piece that speaks to you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help you find the perfect statement pieces to add to your everyday jewels.



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