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Everything You Need to Know About Statement Earrings

Over the years, I have made it my mission to offer statement earrings that you can wear all day long. Earrings are my not only my favorite piece to make, they are also my favorite thing to wear. Unfortunately most statement earrings are like high heels, you can’t wait to take them off when you get home.


This is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to designing and creating statement earrings. I have tested a variety of weights and found that anything exceeding 8 grams per earring will feel too heavy. This number is my North Star. I have a small kitchen scale that is a permanent tool on my desk and before I begin creating any of my designs, I make sure all the pieces for that design do not go over the weight limit. If it does, then back to the drawing board until I can get the weight just right.

Swing and Balance

Did you ever have a mobile as a kid and would look up at it and admire how all the parts would somehow balance perfectly? Earrings are very similar but the truth is that they're better if there aren’t too many parts swinging. The movement of a statement earring can sometimes make a piece feel heavier so I try to limit how many parts are moving. I do love dangles so when the design calls for them, I make sure that the rest of the earring is soldered securely together.

Size and Length

As much as I love big, over-the-top earrings, I do prefer designing statement earrings that can be worn for everyday. This means that the shape, size and length of the piece is more contained in comparison to the statement earrings on the market. The shape of a design can feel bulky, the length can be too long and get caught on everything, and the size of the earring can feel like it’s just getting in the way. All of these factors are taken into consideration as I’m designing my earrings.

I believe that while pieces can be statement, it’s even better when they can also be functional. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and anything that you wear should have been designed with this in mind, especially when it comes to your statement earrings.

Most of my earrings are available to you as either hook or post so that you can have them finished in your preference.

Thanks so much for shopping with me,


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