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General Care & Maintenance

Each piece is designed to be enjoyed and worn for years to come, but the care of your Casa Catalina Jewelry is essential. Here are some tips to keeping your pieces looking as beautiful as the day you received them.


Your piece has been finished with a bright satin finish which was done for the purpose of easy maintenance. To brighten your metal, designate a clean Scotch Bright sponge and use it only on the metal part of your jewelry. Do not use the sponge on your gemstones as they may scratch. Go in a gentle circular motion on your metal with water and once you've polished all the surfaces, pat it dry.

Oxidation is normal with sterling silver. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening as the silver naturally reacts to oxygen and your silver will darken over time.

The simplest way to keep your jewelry polished is by wearing it.


To clean your piece, designate a clean toothbrush and use it exclusively for your jewelry. With gentle soap and water, you can clean your jewelry by lightly scrubbing your pieces with warm soapy water and the toothbrush. You can use this on metal and gemstones. Pat your pieces dry once you’ve cleaned them.


It’s best to store your jewelry is a box that has been designed for jewelry. This separates the pieces into individual compartments and is the best way to keep chain from getting tangled, earring wire or posts from bending, and gemstones from getting scratched or damaged. I suggest a jewelry box that has rigid sides and lots of compartments, and here is one that I use personally. I love this jewelry box because I can purchase a variety of sizes and the design of the box is modular so each drawer fits into itself perfectly for stacking.

Place your jewelry in a cool, dry place. I’ve noticed that silver jewelry oxidizes much faster in sunlight so it’s best to keep your jewelry in a dark box.

If you're in need of more information, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I want you to be able to wear your pieces every day and for years to come.



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