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Tips for Traveling with Your Jewelry

Casa Catalina Jewelry is designed with the traveler in mind. Each piece is lightweight enough to be worn all day, and most of the pieces can be worn for any occasion. Traveling with jewelry can be a little daunting, and always begs the question, what in the world do I bring? I'm a big proponent of packing light but bringing the right jewelry pieces that can carry you from plane/train/car travel to meeting family to visiting museums to going out on the town. Casa Catalina is designed to go through it all.

Rigid Jewelry Box

There are lots of choices for jewelry boxes on the internet, but the best ones are the ones that are rigid. This is the safest way to keep your jewelry from getting damaged. The soft jewelry organizers, sometimes called jewelry rolls, could potentially bend an earring wire or post. Look for a box that has nice stiff sides, a durable snap or zip closure, and is the right size for your luggage.

Versatile Pieces to Compliment Every Occassion

As much as I love colorful jewelry, when it comes to travel, it's best to stick to all-metal jewelry. You can choose to bring your gold or your silver, but you will find that it is best to bring pieces that are still adventurous and fun but a little more contained when it comes to versatility. Depending on the weather, if you're going to a cold place where you will be wearing lots of scarves, it might be best to leave your necklaces behind. If you're going to a place with lots of humidity, look into wearing adjustable rings since it is common that your hands may go up in ring sizes. Check all the clasps on your necklaces to make sure that they are secure, shop for rubber earring backings in case you lose a post backing, and do a test run with your outfits and jewelry if you think there might be pieces you could leave behind.

Jewelry Insurance

A mentor told me about Jeweler's Mutual for packaging and shipping, but this insurance company also covers personal jewelry items even when you're traveling. It's a small price to pay when you're thinking of going on a trip and it's always best to stay covered. Losing a piece of jewelry can happen so quickly and it's very sad when it does. There are lots of benefits to having insurance geared towards jewelry, but this insurance also covers you worldwide. You can't go wrong with a little peace of mind.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and as always thanks for reading,



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