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Writing Prompt for Creatives: Creative Manifesto

For the past two years, I've written a manifesto where I state some of my goals for the year ahead. Most often I'm putting to words what my moral compass with this business looks like and sharing it with you.

I'd stopped setting concrete goals for myself when it comes to New Year's because I never follow through with them, but this year I feel like I need a bit more structure especially with being a new mom. My baby girl will turn ONE (🥲) in the Spring and I'm finding that if I don't have some sort of consistency in my life, our routine together can quickly spiral. I can actually feel myself getting really low and sad if I don't have something to look forward to every day so this manifesto will be different from others. And that's a good thing! Nothing like a little change to switch things up.

Let's get into it.


This year I really want to create a community and/or somehow be a part of one. I recently joined Sisters Art Guild on IG and I'm looking forward to how that unfolds with my work/business. You can see their mission and website by clicking here.

Writing: Getting Better at Storytelling

I want writing to go two ways for this year.

  • The first is that I want to engage a lot more on this newsletter/blog. After the shakiness of Twitter, I've realized that I needed to start building something more meaningful right here on my website. My intentions with this business have always been to build my own following and then engage with my audience on other platforms via markets, galleries, and now with social media. I'm going to reach out to my email subscribers and followers on social media whenever I put out a post so that I start getting us used to my website being the primary focus of my business.

  • Secondly, I want this to be something where we (makers/creatives) could all benefit. I have read a lot of makers saying that they can't figure out how to manage a blog, that they don't know what to talk about, etc. I was thinking of creating writing prompts every two weeks and anyone can join me. I'm aiming to talk about my work, journey, or anything else so that you have a better chance of 'meeting the maker.' I would love to share anyone's work here on the newsletter and on my social media to continue building a community.

Classes: Furthering My Education

I am going to take a few online classes this year. One will be a photography class and that'll be a 26-week course that focuses on photo prompts along with improving my editing skills. The second class (possibly classes) will be through a woman who specializes in miniature Persian painting. She's an expert in miniature painting and while we work in different mediums, I can definitely see how this could benefit my work. I'm honestly sooooo looking forward to taking some classes again after a hiatus from the pandemic.

Collections: The Art of Slow-Made

I have two collections in my head for this year. Each will take careful planning and I'll be working on them slowly. I'll share as much as possible with the process (and progress!) right here on the newsletter.

Materials: Designing for Discovery

The first collection will be a return to miniature oil paintings, but the second collection will be much more experimental. I want to try using a selection of wood varieties, and explore an unconventional approach to making earrings with interesting materials all set in sterling silver. I am slowly gathering materials to test out and that'll start happening in the second half of 2023.

That's all for my manifesto, thanks so much for reading.

Writing Prompt for Makers, no. 1

I encourage you to write your own creative manifesto and yes, this kicks off the beginning of writing prompts for makers for this year!

A manifesto is a statement that tells your audience what you stand for/believe in. As makers and artists, we all believe in something when it comes to making our art and I've been writing a new manifesto for the past two years. You could call this a Creative Contract, or your Creative Commandments, or even set goals for yourself for the upcoming year and state what you want to bring into your creativity. This is a very open-ended prompt but one of my favorites.

You can use this idea on your blog, on your email newsletter, even in a caption for social media. Use this wherever you feel is most relevant to you and you can send it to me either via DM or email if you want. Like I said, I will share links to your posts on my website and in IG stories. Thanks! Can't wait to see what you write.

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